Generate Revenue From Website - Chapter 1

Generate Revenue From Website
Generate Revenue From Website

People use Google for searching information, so the website which are primarily indexed in Google are information portals. Information portals are commercial blogs, news portals, question answer websites etc.

Getting High CPM (Cost Per Mille) Rate

Cost Per Mille
Getting High CPM (Cost Per Mille) Rate

You should have your own domain name, own hosting account; free blogs like on, wordpress etc drive a very low CPM rate. If you are able to drive visitors from first world developed countries the CPM rate will go up as the CPC campaigns are of high value there and henceforth your CPM will also be higher.

Which Type of Website To Decide

Website Types
Which Type of Website To Decide

If you want to make a website then most important is type of your website. You can goto and goto the AdWords tool where you can search for the highest CPC value keyword or the list of the top keywords represent the highest CPM/CPC value keywords of Google so it will help you to decide your website's type.

Deciding The Name of The Website

Website Name
Deciding The Name of The Website

It should comprise of the most searched keywords in Google for which you can again go to the AdWords tool on It should be a simple and easily rememberable domain name.

Top 5 Best Reference Sites

Most popular reference sites on net. Almost everything you every wanted to know about any topic in depth. Online information portals, Q & A communities, online encyclopedias and more.

Top 5 Best Travel Sites

Most popular travel sites on net. Excellent discounts for travel, hotel reviews, reservation services and more.

Top 5 Best Free Online Game Sites

Most popular online game sites on net. Greatest sites to play free online games. Including action games, girl games, racing games and many more.

Top 5 Best Sites In The World


Most popular website on net. Highest rated search engine, social networking, encyclopedia and more sites.

Top 5 Best File Hosting Sites

 Most popular file hosting sites on net. Easiest way to host and share any files including documents, videos, and images free online file hosting and sharing services.

Top 5 Best Hacking Forums

Most popular hacking forums on net. Hacking Forums is your entry into the world of hacking. Online hacker’s communities, techniques, tools and more.