Top 5 Best Reference Sites

Most popular reference sites on net. Almost everything you every wanted to know about any topic in depth. Online information portals, Q & A communities, online encyclopedias and more.

5. eHow
eHow is an online how-to guide with more than 1 million articles and 170,000 videos offering step-by-step instructions.

4. Answers is an Internet-based knowledge exchange, which includes WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, VideoAnswers, and five international language Q&A communities.

3. About, is a website that focuses on providing information about a wide variety of topics.

2. Yahoo! Answers
Yahoo! Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) site or a knowledge market launched by Yahoo! on June 28, 2005 that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users.

1. Wikipedia
Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project supported by the Wikimedia Foundation and based on an openly editable model.